Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical Troubleshooting

We have successfully tracked and solved thousands of electrical problems, and we can solve yours too. We are experts at electrical troubleshooting, and have refined our techniques over many years of service in the electrical field. So whether you have flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers, or you’ve lost power to parts of your home or business, we can help.

Give us a call today! We never charge for advice over the phone, and if it turns out that you need electrical troubleshooting, most days we can schedule same day service for you.

What is electrical troubleshooting?

Electrical troubleshooting is the “detective work” involved in locating the cause of an electrical problem. There are a lot of factors that must be considered when electrical troubleshooting. Electrical codes and wiring methods change, wiring materials and products used are always changing, and you have to factor in encountering non-code compliant wiring issues as well.

Electrical problems aren’t always simple to track down. Sometimes the final diagnosis could mean opening up walls, or rewiring. A common example of this would be trying to locate and repair a loose connection that is contained in a hidden, buried, or otherwise inaccessible wiring junction box.

What ever the problem is though, we are skilled at finding it. So if you have an electrical problem, or think you may have an electrical hazard that may require troubleshooting. We are always here to help.