What electrical services do you provide?

Our primary focus is the repair and maintenance of existing wiring systems. We specialize in diagnostic troubleshooting and electrical repair. We also handle general electrical maintenance, such as light fixture replacement, receptacle and switch replacement, smoke detector replacement, and adding GFI/AFCI protection.

Do you repair appliances?

No, we leave that up to trained appliance repair technicians. However, we can troubleshoot and solve any power issues leading up to your appliance. That means if your dryer, dishwasher, or oven is not getting correct power, we are the ones to fix it. In other words, we can troubleshoot and repair the power from your electrical panel all the way to your appliance, but not the electrical wiring and components inside of the appliance.

What if I just need advice?

We are always here to help, even if it’s just phone support. We never charge for giving advice, it’s just part of the job. We’ll do our best to resolve any simple electrical issues you may be having over the phone, and if it turns out that you need to schedule service, most days we can schedule same day service for you.

I have lost power in parts of my home. What is wrong?

You’ll want to check to make sure you have not tripped a circuit breaker or a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI). If you can not find any circuit breakers or GFI devices tripped, you could have a loose connection or damaged wire somewhere in your home. Locating and repairing this type of problem can be difficult. But don’t worry, we are experts at electrical troubleshooting. We can find the problem, and help you get it fixed.

My circuit breaker will not reset. What is wrong?

Circuit breakers are designed to interrupt power when they detect problems on a circuit. If a circuit breaker will not reset, this usually indicates a problem somewhere on the circuit. Do not make multiple attempts to turn “on” a circuit breaker that is tripping, doing this can be very dangerous and cause further damage to your electrical system. Let us locate the problem first, and then we can safely restore power to that circuit for you.

Why are all my lights getting really dim or really bright?

This could be a very serious problem! To be on the safe side, we usually recommend that you unplug any sensitive electronics in your home, and if you can, shut off the main circuit breaker. Whole house power fluctuations can seriously damage your wiring system, as well as anything plugged in to it. Shutting off the main circuit breaker will ensure that you have disconnected all power to your building until a qualified Electrician can look into the issue for you.